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How the course will help you?
The debate course at LearniQo is a structured program designed to help students develop core life skills needed in both academic and professional lives. It will help students develop the following skillsets:
  • Increased awareness of current affairs and issues
  • Ability to form their opinion on different issues
  • Structure their thoughts in a cogent manner
  • Articulate their opinion convincingly
  • Become confident and powerful public speakers
  • Build leadership and critical thinking skills

Structured in-depth online live classes

Effective communication is crucial to succeed in both academic and professional life. Learn the critical life skills through fun and engaging games, activities and debates.

things You Will Learn


Learn the art of putting forth your arguments in an engaging and convincing manner and defending your position against that of your opponent.

Public Speaking

Master the art of communication with structured speeches and the use of verbal and non-verbal techniques in communication

Critical Thinking

Build your critical thinking skillset by analyzing topics across various genres from technology to climate change to education to healthcare etc.

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A glimpse of our debate competitions

A glimpse of our debate competitions

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